What it does and where to get itEdit

The Armor vest (while worn) gives the player an extra life bar if damaged by an explosive or a gun.It is usually bought in a gun store,and can be found in various locations around the map. In a melee fight, the vest has no effect.In huge firefights it can be bought urgently for $200 in the pause menu (services-weapons-armor vest) as well as the health packs.

Weapons v Armor vest chartEdit


Damage done to vestEdit

Hands None
Baseball Bat None
Pistol 1/6
Shotgun 1/3
SMG Very little
AK-47 1/6-1/7
Flamethrower Kills player
RPG-7 Kills player
Grenade Kills player
Molotov Cocktail Kills player
Sniper Kills player

Please note: If standing right next to a car when it blows up, you will get killed even if you are wearing the armor vest.

Bomb SquadEdit

The achievment bomb squad is given to the player after he/she collects all of the armor vests around the map. There is only one tricky one to find, the one behind one of the hotels overlooking the sea.